Exploring the Past: Unveiling the Rich History of Chumphon-Ranong through Historical Tourism (2)

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Exploring the Past: Unveiling the Rich History of Chumphon-Ranong through Historical Tourism (2)

Hey there! Back again to catch up with you guys. We're still on our historical route as part of a project called Artificial Intelligent Platform Development for Metaverse Historical Tourism (AI-MHT), just like before. So, for this article, let's continue on day two – that is, July 20, 2023. If you're interested and want to dive deeper into the details of the project, feel free to click on this link! Now, let's dive into the review of this travel adventure!

Baan Pha Ping, Nai Wong Nuea

For Baan Pha Ping, Nai Wong Nuea, let me just give you a quick heads-up. I got there around 10:00 AM , and it started pouring rain out of the blue when I got there, so I couldn't really go anywhere. But here's the silver lining: around noon, I had the chance to dig into some community food, and they even treated us to some locally famous fruits, mangosteens, and Nai Wong Durians. Let me tell you, they're absolutely worth a try.
For anyone planning to swing by this place, just a little heads-up: the internet signal might be a bit wonky or weak. So, if you're coming over, be prepared for that little hiccup.

Residence of the Governor of Ranong

After having lunch in the community, we headed towards Residence of the Governor of Ranong. I arrived here around 2:00 PM. The weather was a bit cloudy when I got here, with the sun peeking out a little.

In this instance, we got Mr. Kosol Na Ranong, who is the 5th generation heir of the Ranong family, to talk about the history of Residence of the Governor of Ranong. Actually, on July 18, 2023, I went to Residence of the Governor of Ranong to get the place ready for our trip. Back then, I had a great opportunity to take a lot of photos during that time. Anyway, now I'll pull up that specific picture so we can see together what interesting things were in the Residence of the Governor of Ranong.

Here is the front of the Residence of the Governor of Ranong. Above, there's a golden sign with black letters, written in fancy Chinese characters that say "Gao-Yang," meaning the sun is high. And if you notice within the sign, there are 52 bat patterns, exactly matching the number of weeks in a year.

Inside the Residence of the Governor of Ranong, when I’m snapping the photo, Mr. Kosol, he's like, "Hey, make sure you get lots of shots of the floor tiles, they're actually imported all the way from China."

When we look to the left, the first thing we'll spot inside is this ancient chair that's been around for more than 150 years.

Next to the ancient chair, you'll find a bunch of certificates placed on the glass cabinet. Inside that, you'll find various antique items such as a brass oil lamp, an Indian pot, and a golden bronze pan.

Let's take a few more steps in, and we might stumble upon a glimpse of the Residence of the Governor of Ranong from back in the day.

On the far left inside, you'll spot an antique cabinet and various generations of Na Ranong's family military and police insignias displayed.

In the very center inside, there's going to be spirit tablets on the table, showing the four generations of the family from Na Ranong.

Next, on the right-hand side, close to the entrance, you'll come across a stone inscription that grace by Rama 5 which was originally placed at the front of the Chao Muang Ranong Cemetery. Interestingly, the reason this stone inscription is here is that it was hit by a Ranong municipality car and ended up being kept here. You can notice the visible damage in the picture. As for the stone inscription in front of the cemetery, it has been replaced.

Next up, as we walk inside, we'll come across a big cabinet from England. It's filled with ancient artifacts that are over 100 years old.
If any of you guys are into exploring communities close to Ranong town, there's a chance to get involved in activities over at the Baan Hatsompaen community. For more details, feel free to reach out and inquire on Facebook: บ้านหาดส้มแป้น BaanHatsompaen.

FarmHouse Hotel Ranong

The next place isn't really a tourist spot, more like a place to stay. I came here because this hotel is a part of the project. The hotel where I'm staying is FarmHouse Hotel Ranong. I arrived around 4:30 PM, grabbed my stuff, and took a moment to relax before heading to the restaurant, which is the final stop.

Usually, when we stay at a hotel, they typically offer a Welcome Drink, right? But here, they've got a Welcome Egg instead. It's something totally unique and different, and to top it off, the egg is delicious too.

And one more thing I wanted to mention is that they have an air purifier here, which is pretty surprising to me. I'm actually quite amazed because most hotels I stay at don't have air purifiers.

Keing Lay Restaurant & SEA SWAN - Happiness Space

So, the final spot was Keing Lay Restaurant. The reason I ended up here is because this place is part of the project (Again LOL). I got here around 5:30 PM. Let me give you quick details on this place. The food overall is pretty good. Went for the course they had on offer – ended the meal with a dessert that was out of this world. Seriously, it was so tasty I had to go for seconds. I was enjoying the meal so much that I didn't even think about taking food pictures to show off later. But I did manage to snap some pics for the 'check-in' purpose.

After I finish my meal, there's this place right nearby called SEA SWAN - Happiness Space. It's a cafe owned by the same person as Keing Lay Restaurant. The vibe there is really nice, and most importantly, their drinks are seriously delicious.

Sum up for this trip:
• Baan Pha Ping, Nai Wong Nuea 10:00 AM.
• Residence of the Governor of Ranong 02:00 PM.
• FarmHouse Hotel Ranong 04:00 PM.
• Keing Lay Restaurant & SEA SWAN - Happiness Space 05:30 PM.

If you're using Google Maps for navigation. You can check the route of this trip from this link.

The second day of the trip has already wrapped up, and there's just one day left. I'm really looking forward to catching up again on the final day - hope we'll get to reconnect until we finish this series!

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