Baan Manik Community Based Tourism

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Baan Manik Community Based Tourism

Tambon: Si Sunthon Districts: Thalang Province: Phuket
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The Bang Niao Dam reservoir is the beautiful viewpoint of Phra Theo and Para mountains. Getting fresh air and admiring the lush forest along the way, this place is suitable for exercise; walking, running, and biking. There are various types of plants such as Toei Dong, Mong Kre, ferns, Ao-yee, konjac, Caladium, Luerd, Djenkol, Burmese grapes, etc. In addition, the traditional careers of people in this community are labor, rubber tapping, mining, and farming. The surrounding scenery of ​​Bang Niao Dam reservoir is very beautiful. It’s suitable for a morning and evening’s exercise. Normally, the villagers will come to exercise in the early morning to get the fresh air around the reservoir.

The sufficiency economy learning center, Baan Manik, is located here as well. It's the learning center of new agricultural theory; the integrated farming system that has short-term, medium-term, and long-term crops. They have adopted the new theory of agriculture, which is mixed crops, which was initiated by His Majesty King Bhumibol to develop soil, water, forest, and people, and to ensure the sustainable management of the land.

“Baan Manik sufficiency economic learning center” was established on September 19th, 2014. This word was derived from the text in the stone inscription, found in Phra Narai mountain in 1568 B.E. describing "นารณมฺ มณิกฺกิรามตฺตารฺ" (Naranam Manikkiramattar), meaning the jewel city.

There was a group of the villagers calling themselves the "Bang Niao Dam group." They had been granted permission to use the area of the ​​Bang Niao Dam reservoir and MADURO Co., Ltd. for a total of 3 Rai (4,800 square meters) to organize the planting of crops following the new agricultural theory and the philosophy of sufficiency economy to organize the area; soil, water, forest, and people. The signature plant here is the “Perkins long pod okra,” which is a biennial plant. The crops are successful in terms of the community’s products; okra soap, shower gel, shampoo, lotion, serum, sleeping mask, and okra drinking water. They can also produce earthworm fertilizer. Most of the local food uses local ingredients, such as a pineapple curry with shrimp, fried jack fish, Tomsom and Khayam chili paste with fresh shrimp. These menus were created from the local wisdom using local resources, and they're an ​​authentic southern Thai meal that you must try.

The Baan Manik learning center is the community model of Phuket which works to promote "wellness tourism." It also encourages people in the community to participate in the area allocation following the new theory of "integrated farming". Accordingly, we applied Klang Din and Keam Ling theories to manage and develop the soil, water, forests, and people. In the arid zone, the pH is high in the soil because of tin mining in the past. The villagers worked together to improve the area by adopting the Klang Din theory and using organic fertilizer. This helped to improve the structure of the soil so that we were able to grow the mixed crops.

Moreover, the learning center has passed on the knowledge of science and technology innovation under the name of "Prototype Village for Processing Organic Agricultural Products with PGS: Participatory Guarantee System and renewable energy," in order to operate the valuable work-chain that will link the origins with the midway and destination altogether.

The sufficiency economy learning center of Baan Manik is open for public education. You can come to study the agricultural theory. There are a total of nine learning stations as follows:
-The philosophy of sufficient economy
-The organic compost/fertilizer
-The earthworm casting manure
-The bio-fermented water
-The insect/pest repellent
-The plant propagation and growing of unique plants
-Planting in greenhouse and condo plants
-Renewable energy
-The learning center for community’s products
The community products; there are seven products: okra soap, okra shower gel, okra shampoo, okra lotion, okra serum, okra sleeping mask, warm cast and Tagetes erecta (African marigold).

Baan Manik sufficiency economy learning center is located at Moo. 7, Si Sunthon sub-district, Thalang district, Phuket province. For more information, please contact:
Facebook page: ​​ศูนย์เรียนรู้ปรัชญาของเศรษฐกิจพอเพียงบ้านม่าหนิก

Community Leader
Suparoj Songyos

Phone: 08 1978 1598

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