Baan Nateen Community Based Tourism

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Baan Nateen Community Based Tourism

Tambon: Ao Nang Districts: Mueang Krabi Province: Krabi
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Baan Nateen community based tourism, their slogan is …
“Cultural tourism community, Islamic lifestyle, peaceful and simple”

Baan Nateen is a small community. People live simple and happy lives. They do the coastal fisheries, rubber plantations, coconut and orchard plantation. Accordingly, Baan Nateen stands out as the oldest traditional Islamic teaching school that has been teaching for many generations at Pondok Kru-Dia. Besides, this village has adopted the sufficiency economy philosophy. They have an outstanding local culture and simple lifestyle that will enable you to discover something really unique.

Baan Nateen, the Muslim cultural tourism community is located at Moo. 4, Ao Nang sub-district, Mueang Krabi district. Krabi province. "Nateen" is the village name. This area was the paddy fields. Most of the villagers worked as farmers since their ancestor's generation. The origin of the village’s name, the rice field is located in the “Pratin” direction ( Thai southern dialect) which refers to the north of the main house. Therefore, this village is called “Baan Nateen". People in the community have a very simple lifestyle because this location is close to the sea and there are abundant natural resources.

Nowadays, most of their occupations are fishermen, rubber farmers, coconut and fruit farmers. Baan Nateen is close to Ao Nang tourist attraction. Aside from beaching, the tourist can participate in the community's activities, for example the community’s homestay, the local fishing, rubber tapping, rice farming, cooking food and desserts,. Accordingly, these activities can also promote the profession of the women group in Ao Nang sub-district, they can launch booths and sell local products.

The origin of Nateen’s community-based tourism is from the wisdom and craftsmanship skill of people in the community. Villagers had gathered and produced handmade souvenirs such as exquisite coconut shell products. Currently, there are more handicraft-products such as batik clothes and pineapple fiber paper that can be used to produce other souvenirs, i.e. the model of a long-tailed boat (Ruea Huo Thong), these souvenirs will be sold at the important tourist attractions such as Phra Nang beach and Nopparat Thara beach. Each year there is a lot of tourist’s traffic and we are aware of the importance of cultural heritage through tourism. So, we organize training sessions for members to learn and practice producing handicraft souvenirs. These souvenirs have represented the community's identity.

Moreover, we organize the "Nateen Green Village Festival" which is the local market that represent the traditional culture and Muslim’s lifestyle concept, its concept is a green and environmental friendly, using natural packaging for food, reducing plastic and foam waste, and providing opportunities for people in the community to participate in management, using resources from local. Furthermore, in the festival, there are local foods, arts, performances and folk games for you to enjoy. This festival has represented the voice of villagers, promoted the community’s highlights and created cooperation and unity within the community.

“Baan Nateen community is a strong and capable community. We are always ready to improve. We have strong leadership and cooperation from people in the community. Today, everyone in the community is glad to welcome you to visit and experience the local way of life with understanding and willingness.”

For more information please contact Mr. Bancha Kweanglee (The leader of Baan Na Teen Community Based Tourism)
Tel. (+66)8 1968 8532

Community Leader
Bancha Kwaenglee

Phone: 08 1968 8532

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