Baan Thung Yee Peng Community Based Tourism

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Baan Thung Yee Peng Community Based Tourism

Tambon: Ko Lanta Yai Districts: Ko Lanta Province: Krabi
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“Southern people of Thailand, especially people in small islands cannot change much. Only when the country’s context changes, so we change ourselves. In fact, we still have the same habit and use the same habit. As if people here in Baan Thung Yee Peng community did not abandon the traditional way of life from their parent’s generation.”

Thung Yee Peng community is a medium-sized village. There are 3 ways of living in the community, firstly, agriculture, secondly, fishery and finally, community based tourism (CBT). The way of Koh Lanta, Baan Tung Yee Peng’s people. They have been living this way since their ancestor’s generation. In the past, there were also 3 main occupations; agriculture, fishery and cutting wood for making charcoal.

Their parent's generation cut the wood to make the charcoal, but in their generation, they have the community-based tourism. However, these three jobs are the supplementary jobs that help to balance the living of people in the community. People of Thung Yee Peng have life on the subsistence level which means the income that provides only enough for basic needs living.
Community tourism is a supplementary work aside from agriculture and fishery. Basically speaking, only the income from local fishery here is unable to afford their family, it’s only enough for a meal and sharing with neighbors. The agricultural part was also not very successful as it should be. They emphasize the household farming or the backyard garden for growing edible vegetables.

Therefore, it turns out that these three careers are not best and strong in any direction, lack agriculture, the local fisheries also cannot be relied on and the tourism seem very fragile. Hence, the welfare of people in the community is now unstable. Current living is always about building the foundation. People in the community live from hand to mouth, however, it’s not yet that crisis because they still have their own house, they live normally. The community helped each other to solve all problems, even tourism was not so successful, they thus turned to agriculture and local fishing.

Here is the “three time-river community” which means you can come to cruise from dawn till dusk. There are 3 periods during the day starting from "an early morning", it is the best time that you can see the first light and the beginning of a new day. Then, “during the daytime", you will be able to admire the beauty of the mangrove forest that turns golden in the sunlight, another beauty that you shouldn't miss. And “in the evening”, it is a special time for those who prefer a romantic vibe.

In the past, they called it a wooden freight boat. Actually, this boat is called “Pok Chuun boat”. In the past, this boat was built from the woods that were cut from the concession forest, hence it’s legal. Even this boat used to destroy the forest, but now it can take tourists to visit our forest and contributes to the economic development in the community. From destroying turns into taking care, we create sustainability in the community.

Normally, there are 2 boat-trips which are 05.30 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. The morning trip, you will be able to admire the sunrise and the morning vibe of the surrounding forest. The evening trip, at 4.00 p.m. you will be able to go to explore nature along the canal, the trees bend and the shady tunnels give another special atmosphere. In the past, people here whose livelihoods depend on the canal and the mangrove forest, all villagers did the local fishery, they cut the mangrove trees to make the entrance into the canal, they catched the serrated mud crabs to sell. The tourists who came here were also impressed with the nature that is not invented, it remains pure and original. The visitors such as students, teenagers and the elderly came to relax and unleash themselves in nature.

The famous community’s product is Lampeng tea, which is a common plant that grows a lot in the community area. It can grow between saltwater and freshwater, known as miding fern or Stenochlaena palustris. The villagers call it “Bai Lamping”, they use young leaves to cook Kaeng Lieng (Thai spicy mixed vegetable soup). And its young shoots are edible. Therefore, the old leaves are used to make Lampeng tea. Travelers or visitors will be able to try Lampeng tea, the feedback is that it has a unique smell and flavor, it’s slightly aromatic tea which is the uniqueness of Lampeng tea of Thung Yee Peng community.

I would like to invite the tea lovers to come and try Lampeng tea. This tea is decaffeinated, it’s edible for children, adults and mothers who’s still breastfeeding. This tea is a great and healthy anti-aging option, it is rich in antioxidants. It is a relaxing tea for a better sleep that can be drunk all day.r Finally, I would like to invite everyone to come and try the new product of Thung Yee Peng CBT called “Lampeng tea”.

If you are looking for a place for relaxation, Thung Yee Peng can be your destination because we created the trip that is suited for relaxation. You can travel here in any season such as monsoon or winter. Tung Yee Peng is always open and welcomes all of you.

Thung Yee Peng community is located on Koh Lanta Yai. It is a Muslim community that migrated here for more than a hundred years ago. The name of the village comes from “Toh Yee Peng”, an ancestor who migrated here. The main occupations of the community are local fishery and rubber plantations. This village is surrounded by mangrove forest that is rich in marine life such as the shellfish, cockles and Fiddler crabs. For tourism activities, there's a walkway mangrove nature trail, kayak or take a traditional paddling boat to explore the floating fish cage of the villagers and eat the local cuisines. There are resort and homestay accommodations.

For more information please contact: Baan Thung Yee Peng Ecotourism
Tel: (+66)8 9590 9173
Facebook page: ทุ่งหยีเพ็ง Cbt. ท่องเที่ยวโดยชุมชน บ้านทุ่งหยีเพ็ง เกาะลันตา จ.กระบี่

Community Leader
Narathorn Hongthong

Phone: 08 9590 9173

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