Baan Tha Din Dang Community Based Tourism

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Baan Tha Din Dang Community Based Tourism

Tambon: Lam Kaen Districts: Thai Mueang Province: Phang Nga
Location Details

Phang Nga is one of the top most beautiful beaches in the world, it has the largest mangrove forest area in Thailand. Currently, there are approximately 200,000 Rai of mangrove forest in Phang Nga. Besides, the mangrove forest is not only the habitat for various living things, it is also the livelihood of people in the coastal communities, for example Baan Tha Din Dang benefits from the uniqueness of the mangrove forest, they organized the community-based tourism activity that will contributes to the economic development of local communities. "Baan Tha Din Dang, one of the communities with many good things”.

Many people migrated to Tha Din Dang before World War 2 or about a hundred year ago. The topography of Tha Din Dang village, both sides are surrounded by mangrove forests and it has 13 kilometers long beaches. Baan Tha Din Dang is 14 kilometers away from Thai Mueang district. Accordingly, 80% of the population are Islamic and the main occupations of people here are palm plantation, rubber plantation and other agriculture such as watermelon, yard long bean and hydroponics vegetables. The social characteristic of people in the community, they treat each other like brothers and sisters, helping each other.

In addition, the village has their own agreement to protect the natural resources in the community, constantly improve and take care of nature. People in the Tha Din Dang adopted the philosophy of sufficiency economy to solve soil problems for sustainable use. Tha Din Dang people whose livelihoods depend on the sea and mangrove forests. Most of the villagers speak the local southern dialect. Moreover, its fertile mangrove forests, swamp forests, beautiful beaches and clear water are the attractiveness of the community.

Baan Tha Din Dang is located at Moo 4, Lam Kaen subdistrict, Thai Mueang district, Phang Nga province. Most of the area is adjacent to the sea. In the past, during the mining period, this area used to have two mining concessions before it closed down at the end of the mining' golden period.

Until 2004, tsunami hit the southern region of the Andaman coast in Thailand (and also in many other areas). Tha Din Dang village suffered quite a lot from the damage. After the situation passed, they were recommended to open the community-based tourism (CBT) because the outsiders see that there are many good things in the village such as natural resources. After all, the villagers gathered together and established the community-based tourism of Baan Tha Din Dang in 2006.

In the beginning, the activity of community tourism started from planting hydroponic vegetables to solve the soil problem that had become sandy. They built the planting group; the members will sell vegetables directly to customers in Khao Lak, Phuket hotels and hospitals nearby Phang Nga province, they won’t sell to the middleman. After the group settled in 2010, they joined with other networks and began to be more notable and widely known.

The booming of social media, Tha Din Dang CBT received feedback from Online channels such as posting and sharing. The locals, foreigners and Chinese tourists are constantly coming to travel here.

Accordingly, the tourism route starts from the old mine. Experience the old tin mine that was renowned as the ten-billion mine. Nowadays, the mine has been abandoned for more than 50 years and it’s covered by huge trees. However, there are still traces of the old mining trough and the tin panning point. Today, this place has become a large lake with the beautiful view that’s not only the community harbor, but also the starting point for kayak activity. Baan Tha Din Dang’s area lies between the mangrove forest and the lake. Kayaking through the trenches of the abundant forest and enjoying nature along the way. Besides, the community also has fishing activity; catching the blackskin catfish and the mangrove crab. This is another interesting activity of Baan Tha Din Dang.

Kayaking through the mangrove forest is one of the highlights here. They will gradually paddle from small canals to a larger canal such as Khlong Yok, Khlong Ao Man to Khlong Tha Din Dang that are connected to a large estuary. After that, the tourists will take a long-tailed boat to “Khao Na Yak”, the angry face’s cliff. Before reaching Khao Na Yak, you will pass the vast “Savanna grassland” that feels like you are in Africa. In summer, the meadows are golden brown. And during the rainy season, the fields will become green which is very impressive.

Khao Na Yak is part of the Thai Mueang beach line. The origin of this mountain is
“Originally, this cliff looked like the angry face of the giant. During World War II, Japanese military warships sailing passed through this way, their ships capsized and disappeared for unknown reasons. Hence, the Japanese soldiers believed that it might be the mystical curse of the giant cliff. Therefore, they shot the cannon and the cliff’s face sank down to the sea. This story became the legend of the giant cliff until today.”

Accordingly, the tourism slogan of Baan Tha Din Dang community is
“Kayaking, conserving the mangrove forest, the beautiful Khao Na Yak beach, visiting the hydroponics vegetable garden. Exploring the savanna field and enjoy catching the serrated mud crab"

CBT activities of Baan Tha Din Dang are available for a half-day and full-day package. If you are interested please contact Bang Rhon: Tel: (+66)8 4443 3539, Bang Din Tel: (+66) 8 6273 0823 and Bang Jiw Tel: (+66) 8 6274 7061, Facebook page: กลุ่มท่องเที่ยวเชิงอนุรักษ์บ้านท่าดินแดง (in Thai language).

For more details of tourism attractions, accommodation, restaurants and transportation in Phang Nga province which is relevant to Baan Tha Din Dang community, you can contact the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Phang Nga Office, Tel. +66 7641 3400-2.

Community Leader
Harbedean Waharak

Phone: 08 6273 0823

Community Guidelines


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