Baan Tha Khao Community Based Tourism

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Baan Tha Khao Community Based Tourism

Tambon: Ko Yao Noi Districts: Ko Yao Province: Phang Nga
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Koh Yao Noi is another famous island in Phang Nga province. People know Koh Yao Noi as the local lifestyle and homestay tourism attractions. It is an island that may not have beautiful white beaches or clear water just like other islands in the Andaman side. But if you are fascinated with nature, prefer peacefulness and love exploring the local way of life, Koh Yao Noi is the answer that you must visit once in your life.

At Koh Yao Noi, the homestay or resorts are available for many styles and price rates. Homestay in this village is managed by the group called "the ecotourism by Koh Yao Noi community'', they are quite outstanding and renowned in terms of a group that has good management and received many awards. In addition, they have strengthened the tourism on the island and opened many learning bases to enhance the sustainable tourism development in the community.

Koh Yao Noi has a long-oval shape which stretches from north-south direction. On the east side of the island, there are many beautiful beaches, starting from the world-famous "Tha Khao beach", another important natural attraction of the community. Relaxing in a peaceful, private and cozy homestay. You will enjoy the sea scenery, the beauty of the island forest and Phang Nga bay all day. Moreover, you will also experience a simple local way of life at Baan Tha Khao community.

If you want to travel to Baan Tha Khao village, after arriving at Manoh pier on Koh Yao Noi, you can take/rent the Songthaew minibus or a motorcycle, riding from the pier to your homestay and travel around the island. During the way, there’s a mountain view contrasted with the emerald green sea, a charming and peaceful atmosphere.

The activities that shouldn't be missed if you visit Tha Khao village include joining the local fishing, swimming, snorkeling and exploring around the island. In addition, participating with the locals' activities such as batik clothing; you are able to design your own pattern. The famous pattern here is the great hornbill (indigenous bird), the story on the island and beautiful sea. In some seasons, whale sharks can be seen closely. Then, get some souvenirs from the OTOP shopping center of Tha Khao community. Accordingly, there are rice fields, mountains, seas and waterfalls on the island. And another highlight is the freshwater lake in the middle of the sea.

Tha Khao beach has rocky, pebbly, muddy and sandy parts. The highlight is the long sandy beach jutting out into the sea and pointing to a small island (Koh Nui). When the tide is extremely low, the separated sea phenomenon “Talay Waek Tha Khao” or “Talay Waek Koh Nui” will appear, it’s very amazing and beautiful. Behind Koh Nui is the view of the forest islands, the small islets such as Hong island, La-ding island, Pak Bia island, Chabang island, Antu island and many other islands. When you see the islets close together, it looks like an actual forest. In addition, there is an important legend known as “the heart of Naga Nui or Nak Noi”, the islets are stacked in the shape of a heart. Especially in the morning, the forest island has become the most beautiful sunrise viewpoint of Koh Yao Noi.

In the past, the indigenous occupations were fishing, rubber plantation and rice farming. Nowadays, tourism has become an additional career in the community, some also do it as a full-time job. The homestay and community accommodation are considered as the reputed local businesses in Koh Yao Noi that run and operate by themselves. They don’t have to pay for the property’s rent because it's their own place. Thus, accommodation’s rate varies from hundred to thousand Baht, reasonable and affordable. Certainly, there are some foreign investors that own hotel & resort on the island, however, it’s still not that much because the locals here don’t want to sell their lands. Accordingly, if you prefer the luxury 5-6 stars resorts are also available. However, whether it is cheap or expensive, most of the resort’s design is balanced with the location, they didn’t build anything that looks exaggerated or weird. Some places were hiding and harmonizing to nature that you might not acknowledge there is a resort there.

Tha Khao Bay View Bungalow & Restaurant is located at Tha Khao beach and operated in the form of community enterprises. The villagers shared a part of their rubber gardens to build this place and sell community products such as batik clothes, products from coconut, food and desserts, etc. They shared the profits at the end of the year. It is a community business for people in the community. Tha Khao Bay View is not a luxury accommodation, but simple and friendly. Some days your chef and housekeeper could be the same person.

Tha Khao Bay View Bungalow & Restaurant is located in the midst of lush greenery. The check-in building has a balcony fronting to the sea. You can see the forest island’s view clearly. At dawn, before the sun will fully appear, the scenery of the colorful morning sky and Hin Poon island that is towering like a forest in the middle of the sea are very stunning. Hence, don’t miss waking up early to experience the beauty of the natural light at dawn, especially the scenery at Baan Tha Khao’s pier that has countless shooting points for your invaluable memories.

At the balcony, you will be able to see the "oriental pied hornbill" which resides in this area, people are not harmful to them. There is the activity to build an artificial nest for hornbills to increase its population. Thus, the hornbills here are quite familiar with people and appear to be seen almost every day on this island. However, people in the community are not only protecting the hornbill, so do other animals. They will not threaten the wildlife, no-hunting wildlife animals, even small animals such as squirrels and chipmunk, the villagers here also help to conserve them.

“Baan Tha Khao, Koh Yao Noi, a famous tourist attraction in Phang Nga province. Surrounded by the abundance of nature and greenery views. Both beautiful white sand beaches... clear turquoise Andaman Sea, simple but fascinating island’s lifestyle. The friendliness and loveliness of Koh Yao Noi people is a paradise for travelers, enabling you to live close to nature. Unfortunately, many people haven't had a chance to experience it by themselves…”

Ban Tha Khao Tourism CBT located at Moo 4, Koh Yao Noi subdistrict, Koh Yao district, Phang Nga province. For more information please contact (+66)8 3395 5885 Mr. Praphan Ben-Ahmad and (+66)8 9646 1891 Mrs. Sawitree Ben-Ahmad. Facebook page: ชุมชนท่องเที่ยว O T O P นวัตวิถี บ้านท่าเขา จ.พังงา (In Thai language)

Community Leader
Prapan Benahmad

Phone: 08 5323 5873

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