Tai Rang Restaurant

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Tai Rang Restaurant

Tambon: Thai Mueang Districts: Thai Mueang Province: Phang Nga
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Tai Rang Restaurant comes from its original location, which used to be at the end of the mining. Nowadays, it has transformed into a wide lake surrounded by trees, creating a cool and comfortable atmosphere.
Recommend calling to reserve a seat to enjoy the sunset view on the terrace by the lakeside. Here, they serve Thai southern-style dishes made with fresh seafood and locally grown fruits and vegetables. One dish that you must try because it's truly delicious is the pineapple stir-fry with pork crackling. As for the sour fish curry with mixed vegetables, it's a fantastic recipe with a genuinely spicy and flavorful taste, just like the original Thai-Southern.
Credit: https://guide.michelin.com/th/th/th-phang-nga-region/th-phang-nga/restaurant/tairang

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