Ban Mai Khao Community Based Tourism

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Ban Mai Khao Community Based Tourism

Tambon: Mai Khao Districts: Thalang Province: Phuket
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Mai Khao Beach is one of the popular beaches in Phuket where you can see the plane landing very closely. Not only is it a white sand beach, but Mai Khao Beach also has a beautiful blue sea. This place is the place where the turtles spawn every year. Not only do we mention it, but this place still has many activities to show you.

First, we start with the wonderful and amazing sea. This place has mole crabs, which can be found only at the beach, and they are in the same family as crabs. The tourists can see and learn how to catch the mole crab from the local people in the community and use it for cooking. The way to catch the mole crab or sand crab is passed on from generation to generation, from father to son. The price of the mole crab is relatively high; it is about 800 baht per kilogram or 2 baht per piece, depending on size. But the community has one condition: that you have to conserve energy, too. Do not collect the larvae. You can go and catch the mole crab on a fine day with a bright sky and a silent sea.

The next highlight of this place is treatment and body therapy to help you relax and recuperate from Sand Spa. The sand at Mai Khao Beach is white, clean and soft. Also, the sea is blue. That is why this place is the most suitable to do therapy. The Sand Spa, or buried in the sand, is used to rotate between sea sand and sun to make a body temperature balance and cure people from some sicknesses such as body aches. Sometimes we call it “Mor Sai”. The therapy should be continued for the patient. The people in the community will give you instruction and direction. The best time to do the Sand Spa is at 7.30 in the morning, but you have to finish before noon. There are about 3 contraindications for those who come to therapy, namely pregnant women, menstruation, and heart disease, and do not do sand therapy in the monsoon season or strong winds. However, there must be supervision by a caregiver as well. You can't rely on therapy alone because you need help and tools to prevent it. Sand healing is a science that was discovered accidentally by a local fisherman. transmitted from the beginning until the present.

Another thing that cannot be missed when visiting the community is “Launaea sarmentosa” or “Pak Lak Kai", which is a seagrass vegetable. Shaped like a starfish, five-pointed green, can be used to cook a variety of dishes that have been in the community for a long time. In the 14 kilometers along the beach of Baan Mai Khao, in the past, it was rich in coconuts, vegetables, and fish, such as shrimp, crabs, krill, and tiger shrimp, which can be used to make shrimp paste. In the tenth month, there will be a trawl for shrimp used to make shrimp paste. And there will be accommodation for people who come to trawl nets, called "Thap Uan". “Thap” is a place where villagers gather together. and there will be a master chef who will cook food for you. When shrimp or fish can be found, they will be used to cook food. There is “Launaea sarmentosa” or “Pak Lak Kai” at the beach. Grate the coconut to make coconut milk and eat like a villager as a local food.

After the Tsunami, “Launaea sarmentosa” or “Pak Lak Kai” almost went extinct. Fortunately, there are some villagers who grow “Launaea sarmentosa” or “Pak Lak Kai” at home. At first, they weren't sure if it could grow or reproduce. But it could. It can reproduce. For a while, they were planted at the beach. The vegetables have been revived. It can be cooked in many dishes, such as stir-fried “Pak Lak Kai” with boiled coconut milk, fresh shrimp, ching chong, adding fish, eating it hot with steamed rice, or even deep-frying. Put shrimp and Ching Chang fish together, then fry with flour. It can be cooked into a variety of foods. It is a staple of the local people in the community.

They have many attractions in Baan Mai Khao. And the most recently and famous is the Plane-Viewpoint, which is the only place in Thailand where you can see the plane very closely. Nowadays, this place has become very popular with tourists who come to Phuket. This attraction can generate income for people in the community by driving a tricycle to transport tourists. During the weekends, Saturdays and Sundays, on one day, there is a transfer of tourists per day, earning at least 800 baht per person. This place was accidentally discovered by a fisherman who was going out to fish by sowing in the sea. In addition, there are foreign tourists walking around the beach. He wanted to capture pictures of the fishermen sowing their nets. just as the plane flew down. So he took a picture of this plane as well. This foreigner saw it and liked it. The next day came again. Now social media is posting, sharing, and having local people take photos. It's beautiful. I saw a huge boat and took a picture of myself. It's very beautiful. Both Thai and foreign tourists come to visit and take photos at the viewpoint to watch planes. In terms of the transportation fee, it is about 40 baht per head, 20 baht in, 20 baht out. This is the only price that the community agrees on, even though the oil is more expensive.

The same goes for the Chom Lae market. It is a market created by the community as well as in collaboration with the local sector. which will be open on Saturday and Sunday. They also sell community products, community snacks, and more. Open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

If you are interested in sand spas or sea cicada catching, You can ask for more details directly. The community is happy to give you advice at (+66) 8 7594 1249 Bang Nui.

Community Leader
Winai Sae-ew

Phone: 08 9651 9362

Community Guidelines



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