Takuapa Old Town Community Based Tourism

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Takuapa Old Town Community Based Tourism

Tambon: Takua Pa Districts: Takua Pa Province: Phang Nga
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A tourism community that is full of classical histories, "Takupa old town" was established before 43 BC. Formerly called Muang Tak Kol la which refers to the cardamom, later transformed into Takola and finally, people called it “Takuapa”, the legendary tin mining city and multicultural hub; Thai. Chinese, Indian and Arab. Takuapa used to be the port for trading. Nowadays, it has become another tourist city of Phang Nga province.

Takuapa, a community that used to flourish as a port of the Andaman coast and a lively trading community in the mining era. Today, though the prosperous period has passed, it left the traces of the glorious era; the Sino-Portuguese architecture, the costume culture, the local food and simple community’s lifestyle…

8 highlights that you shouldn’t miss at Takuapa: 1) Trok cafe, 2) old town, 3) Tao Ming school, 4) Khun Intra building, 5) Senanut Rangsan temple, 6) Khongkha Phimuk temple, 7) Boonsoong iron bridge and 8) Khiri Khet temple

Let’s retrace the past, taking a minibus and exploring the charming scenery of the old city that was once glorious. Learning the history and taking pictures with many interesting and important places of Takuapa such as the Chinese-style houses, Takuapa governor’s residence, Pathum Thara temple (Wat Na Mueang), the part of steamboat, Senanuch Rangsan temple and street arts. Then, try the local food & dessert, learn about the costume culture and dress in a traditional Baba costume, you can take pictures as a souvenir at the Andaman coast Baba society.

Open the gate to Takuapa old town, the community that is full of culture, lifestyle and architecture. In the blooming period for the mining industry, the buildings in this area were built in Sino-European style; the architecture of the eastern and western style blending perfectly together. The two-storey shophouses with vertical arches; the beautiful pastel Peranakan shophouses lining both sides of Sri Takuapa road. You can enjoy walking around without getting bored. Between each building is the restaurants, local desserts and tea shops that are waiting for you to experience through tasting, shopping, exploring and drinking tea at Takuapa old town.

In the past, during the reign of King Rama 7, Takuapa was very prosperous in the mining era because this area was rich in tin mines. Then, a lot of Chinese immigrants came to work here. They had built the oldest shrine, the Guan Yu shrine or locals here called Ku Chai Tueng shrine which is the first shrine of Takuapa district. They had invited the spirit of Guan Yu god from China to enshrine there. Besides, there is the god Ne Zha and other Chinese gods that are also being worshiped by people in the community during the vegetarian festival every year.

According to the immigrated Chineses who came to settle at Takuapa, they built the Chinese language school known as Dao Ming school teaching for the Chinese children in Takuapa. But today the school has closed. All that was left are the classical old faded-yellow buildings for tourists to visit and take pictures.

Boon Soong iron bridge or the locals called Khok Khanun iron bridge, an ancient old bridge built with iron ore. It is a public thoroughfare for villagers in nearby areas. This iron bridge stretches across the Takuapa river on both sides of the road, it’s full of natural greenery, in the evening the atmosphere is very nice, and after the rain it still looks fresh. Many couples came to take the wedding photo here until it became another highlight of Takuapa city.

Another place... that you should not miss is to pay respects to the principle golden Buddha image at Khongkha Phimuk temple. For those art lovers, it is highly recommended to visit Senanuch Rangsan temple, one of the important and ancient temples of Takuapa town. It was established in 1847, it was assumed that this temple was built to commemorate Phraya Senanuchit, the former regent of Takuapa. The architecture inside the temple is grand and full of artistic details. It is another tourist spot that should not be missed as well.

Finally. Phra That Khiri Khet temple, one of the historical landmarks, the ubosot is rectangular and retains the early Rattanakosin art painted with whitewash. If you have time, you can go for a walk to the Takuapa Governor's residence, exploring a part of an ancient steamboat which was used in the Marry transport ship bought by Phraya Senanuchit to transfer products to Penang. Or visit Ban Khun Intra, a light green Sino-European building that is located in the old town, it belonged to the first lieutenant Khun Intrakheeree (Choy Na-Nakhon).

In the Andaman side, there are not only marine attractions, but also many interesting historical stories such as Takuapa old town, another attractive lifestyle and historical city of Phang Nga province. If you are interested in the activities of Takuapa old town community based tourism, take a stroll around the old town to sightsee the historical beauty.

For more information please contact Mrs. Pensri Chitprasarn (Pa Jang), Tel. (+66)9 6636 1274.

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Pensri Chitprasarn

Phone: 09 6636 1274

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