Ban Bo Rae Ecotourism

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Ban Bo Rae Ecotourism

Tambon: Wichit Districts: Mueang Phuket Province: Phuket
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The Bo Rae Community is a community in Phuket that has a long history. From the evidence of the Great East Asia War, all houses in this area must have a house well. So every house dug a well inside the house. Every house will find a hard brown pebble when dug down about 2-3 meters. The villagers called him "Luk Waew" according to the accent of the southern dialect later. The authorities therefore named the village according to the common dialect, from “Luk Waew” to “Luk Rae” and renamed this village as "Ban Bo Rae".

The main parts of the community are a hundred-year-old rubber tree, 360-Degree Viewpoint, Khao Khad Viewpoint, and there will be a group of housewives making Batik Cloth and Fish Scale Flowers. At first, the villagers here had only a long-tail boat for fishing, laying fishing nets, and later starting making a fish cage to grow the fish. When they get the fish from the fishing net, they will put the small fish in the fish cage and treat it. When the fish grow up, they will take them to the market to sell. When tourists get on the boat from Khlong Mudong Bridge, they will see the way of life of fishermen who are looking for sweet clams or are casting a net in a canal that is surrounded by mangrove forests with Macaque monkeys. The tourists will have a monkey watching and learning how to feed them here.

The tourism activities here are about the seacoast of the Ban Bo Rae community. Starting from Khlong Mudong, or originally the villagers called “Hua Tha", which means the starting place to go down the canal, here is the fisherman’s boat dock. This area is a canal estuary. There is a mangrove forest all along the sides. It is a tourist attraction in the way of the local community. There is an area to sit and relax. Canoeing is a favorite here. The monkey watching spot is popular too. Khlong Mudong is considered a mangrove forest. as a nursery for aquatic animals. It is an important ecosystem in terms of useful resources, forests, fisheries, and the livelihoods of villagers because Phuket is a city of coastal resources. That means the way of life of the people in the area is to live with nature, have a career and rely on nature. It is a cycle of ecosystems that benefit each other.

Khlong Mudong Mangrove Forest is one of the mangrove forest areas in Phuket. Khlong Mudong has been changed into a tourist attraction where it can attract tourists. Many local people call this canal “Khlong Udom”, a name that means “Natural Abundance.”

From Khlong Mudong, if we drive towards Khao Khad Viewpoint, It is another famous viewpoint in Phuket. It is located in Ao Makham, near Panwa Cape. At Khao Khad Viewpoint you can see 360 degrees of Chalong Bay, Panwa Cape, and also Phuket Town. It is as beautiful as the other viewpoints of Phuket. When arriving at the viewpoint, there will be a parking lot and a bathroom. To see the beautiful scenery, you have to go up the tower. It is an octagonal view tower. Tourists can see the surrounding scenery. Along the way, there is also a viewpoint. There is a mangrove forest in many places where we can stop for a walk; it is one of the beautiful sunset viewpoints on Phuket Island.

A small community, about 3 kilometers from Phuket town, is surrounded by mountains, the sea, and many sword crabs. indicates the abundance of natural resources in the community. Live together as brothers and sisters, Thai Buddhists and Muslims. There is a Giyamuddin Mosque. There are various professional groups such as batik cloth groups, tie-dye groups, painted fabric groups, etc. Ban Bo Rae also has a community market and a public market. The halal food restaurants are located throughout the community.

For more information, call: 08 1477 4314 Phi Ta or 08 1787 7507 Ms. Atthaphon Nonsee
Facebook page: Ban Bo Rae Tourism Community

Community Leader
Atthaphon Nonsee

Phone: 08 1787 7507

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