Laem Sak Community Based Tourism

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Laem Sak Community Based Tourism

Tambon: Laem Sak Districts: Ao Luek Province: Krabi
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“Laem Sak, surrounded by three sides of the sea, three-multicultural that altogether is the happiness of the people in the community.”

Laem Sak community-based tourism was formed by the gathering of six villages. From the idea that they want to conserve and inherit the traditional way of life of the people in the community. Besides, they saw the potential of Laem Sak’s tourist attractions that can accommodate tourists all year round. Moreover, it can generate income to people in the community by adhering to the term "happiness of people in the community" as the principle. There is management in the community for equality and sustainable management.

Krabi province has many beautiful natural attractions, it’s unique and distinct for both nature, culture and way of living. The seas that surround Laem Sak are known as "Talay Nai" (the inner sea), because there are mountains as a shelter from storms and monsoon from all directions. In addition, there are many ecological attractions, the unique formation of the mountains which are fascinating and beautiful. Accordingly, the beautiful scenery changes according to the sea conditions. When the tide is low, you will be amazed with the things that appear just like the city under the water. Laem Sak community has all the natural attractions, agriculture, local way of living, accommodation, local food and products.

Laem Sak’s area is jutting out into the sea. So, they can travel to each island in the surrounding area by boat. In addition, you will also experience the abundant nature of Laem Sak’s such as Ao Nao, the mangrove forests, Khao Pha Khom and Lao Han / Khao Lek Kone, etc. Moreover, Laem Sak also has a 3,000 year-ancient painting that you shouldn’t miss. Exploring the coastal-fishery; the floating fish cages, sea grapes and lobsters.

For the cultural part, this community is the blending of 3 multicultures. There are Buddhists, Muslim, and Thai-Chiness descent. The Thai-Chinese descent in Phuket is called Baba-Yaya. Laem Sak has the three way junction for cultural-tourism. Firstly, the beautiful and exquisite Mahathat Laem Sak temple which is located next to the sea. Secondly, the Sok Po shrine, it’s a sacred place and the spiritual center of the Thai-Chinese people in Laem Sak. And finally, the Solahuddin mosque, it’s the spiritual anchor for Muslim people in the coastal community. Those 3 places were located in the three way junction of Laem Sak community. From past to present, people from all cultures here have been living in peace and harmony. I would like to invite you to visit Laem Sak once in your life and it will be an impressively unforgettable experience for you.

Furthermore, there are also other CSR activities. For example, growing the Venus slipper orchid to return back to nature at Khao Chang Mob. There’s a nature trail to explore the abundant mangrove forest in Khao Chang Mob. Another activity is “growing the Nipa palm”, ​​one of the CSR activities that actually benefits the community. There are also the nursery grounds for the sea animals and it also helps to prevent coastal erosion. All parts of the nipa palm are useful. Sometimes the community uses its leaves to make the dessert such as “Khanom Jaak” to serve tourists.

In addition, another interesting activity that you can do in Laem Sak is kayaking around the village because it is surrounded by the sea. You can paddle to sightsee the nature along the way closely such as the mangrove forest, the limestone mountains and the floating fish cages. Next, riding a bicycle, tourists will ride the bicycle to the village. Exploring the community’s lifestyle closely. Then, try dressing in Baba Yaya style, the traditional costume of Thai-Chinese descent in Phuket and learning to make local desserts such as Khanom Go-sui, Khanom A-Pong and Khanom Jaak-Jai which are made of local ingredients. Moreover, they also the local tour guides that are well-trained on security and facilitation, so you will probably have an impressive experience back home.

Another activity of Laem Sak is Batik painting, there’re the patterns of Laem Sak such as the orchid, Venus slipper orchid and peony, etc. I would like to invite you to come experience and it will be an impressively unforgettable experience for you.

Laem Sak community offers many styles of homestay & resort accommodations, clean and standard. There’re many options for you to select such as Lanlay homestay, Laem Sak seafood & homestay and Bulan Anda Baba resort. In addition, each accommodation will prepare special activities for you, for example visiting the floating fish cage, dinner in the picnic style on the floating fish cage, taking pictures while cruising, DIY activity; making the batik bag and cooking dessert in Baba-style, etc.

The community products of Laem Sak are available at general stores in the community. You can order directly through phone call or website:

For more information please contact phone number: (+66)8 9997 8915 or
Facebook page: ชุมชนท่องเที่ยวแหลมสัก Laemsak CBT

Community Leader
Chanrit Permsub

Phone: 08 9997 8915

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