Ao Luek Noi Community Based Tourism

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Ao Luek Noi Community Based Tourism

Tambon: Ao Luek Noi Districts: Ao Luek Province: Krabi
Location Details

Ao Luek Noi is a sub-district of Ao Luek District. There are 6 villages:
1) Ban Na Nuea,
2) Ban Bagan,
3) Ban Ao Luek Noi,
4) Ban Na Khae,
5) Ban Kuan O and
6) Ban Khiriwong. 98% of the population is Muslim, and 2% is Buddhism.

This place is a community that is fertile both land and water, including swamp forests, caves, seas, limestone mountains, canals, swamps and mangrove forests, as well as a great biodiversity. It is a peaceful location without wind and waves. The occupation of the villagers here mainly is a local fishery. As for the villagers on land, they are mainly engaged in rubber plantation and palm plantation.

Ao Luek Noi is an agricultural community, they do plantations, animal husbandry, fishery and processing. As for tourism, all 6 villages have gathered together. The area of Tambon Ao Luek Noi has beautiful tourist attractions which are caused by the creation of nature, especially the sea travel which has many beautiful caves and bays. For historical tourism at Ao Luek Noi, the story of the history connected to the Andaman sea.

Ao Luek Noi has historical archaeology. There are ancient paintings and treasure tales related to paintings on the cliff in the sea of Bagan Village. There is a treasure mystery called “A long mountain range surrounded by water, with vortex edges, treasures upon it, given to child". “Khao Garos” is outstanding in its unusual cliff shack. There is a large lagoon cove and at Kiriwong Village, there are plentiful mangrove forests suitable for cruising in nature.

Tourism in Ao Luek Noi has Ecotourism, Cultural tourism, Agricultural tourism and Wellness tourism. At Ao Luek Noi, the tourists can do many activities here for example kayaking, cruising along the sea, trekking or you can do an adventure activity here on the tree at Tree Top Adventure Park.

Community enterprises are connected with tourism management. And tourism is a tool for developing other systems, whether in the conservation of natural resources. The use of community resources, especially in forests, mangroves, and marine physiques, including wildlife and various plant species which will have rare plants. The community has conserved and created a shared awareness of how to use resources that we must do in order to benefit the children in the future as much as possible. Because tourism is a soul, especially CBT tourism or community-based tourism.

Agriculture is the main part of the people in the community. Food security and health. Ao Luek Noi has many things for you to experience. Whether it is food, lifestyle or career diversity. The new generation now becomes the power of the community and the power of the nation, means to take lessons and summarize as a manual on how to drive towards various development plans.

Muslim way of life, peace, love, solidarity The friendliness of the community comes first. Everyone is a friend. Everyone is a relative. Everyone is a brother. Because we place this priority first which is able to create a balance in love, regardless of nationality or religion. That is all brothers and sisters. That is another charm of Ao Luek Noi.

Community products are an outgrowth of produce and raw materials from community management. There is a Community Enterprise group, Conservation and Restoration group. There is a management that divides the work into six parts: One : Coastal resource; Two : Mangrove Forest resources management; Three : Food security; Four : Housewives and Innovations; Five : Community-Based Tourism and Six : Savings cooperative. Learning management makes people in the community know how to use resources with the most value and benefit. The community is managed in terms of conservation areas and usable area regeneration to maximize long-term benefits.

Contact information: Mr. Prasert Chatwittayabutr, Ao Luek Noi Community Coordination Center 08 0887 6966 or 09 3153 5329 Khun Pai
Facebook page: ท่องเที่ยวชุมชนตำบลอ่าวลึกน้อย

Community Leader
Prasert Chatwittayabutr

Phone: 08 0889 6960

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