Baan Nong-Thale Community Based Tourism

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Baan Nong-Thale Community Based Tourism

Tambon: Nong Thale Districts: Mueang Krabi Province: Krabi
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Baan Nong-Thale, its name originally came from the largest freshwater lake in Krabi province. It’s the heart of the community's life, there's abundance of crops, freshwater fish and indigenous trees. Nong-Thale is a huge lake with clear water and limestone mountains scenery which are stunning. It’s located at Nong-Thale sub-district, Mueang district, Krabi province.

In addition, it has one of the most beautiful sunrise spots in Krabi. Admiring the mountains and sunrise panorama, exploring the local's lifestyle and nature around the lake. During February to April, the red Indian oak will fall over the lake’s surface, hence, this place has become the destination for many photographers. This community is full of memories and stories from the past. The morning mist, beautiful mountains and vast lake are the uniqueness of this village.

Aside from the beautiful morning atmosphere around the lake, the ecotourism of the Nong Thale sub-district is also very interesting, taking a canoe trip and exploring the nature along “Khlong Nong Thale” or “Klong Root”. This swamp forest is full of sago trees. The lake is approximately 1,500 meters long and there are various kinds of plants. Moreover, it’s the breeding area for fish and sea animals that live in freshwater that reflects the abundance of natural resources and is considered as the heart of people in Nong Thale’s community. Ecotourism will guide you to experience something truly unique, the new perspective of traveling that will make your day different from the usual.

Klong Root, “Root” in the southern dialect refers to “slide down the chute”. In the past, the public lake called “Nong Thale” encountered a water crisis, the villagers faced a shortage of drinking water during summer. So, Krabi provincial administration built the weir in order to store water in drought periods. The front of the weir was constructed as a water barrier, they poured the concrete on the slope surface toward a small swamp. Later, when moss began to cling on the slope, the children came to swim here, sliding down the slope to the swamp. After all, this place became an important tourist attraction.

Klong Root is the highlight of the community, the famous attraction and the gathering area for relaxation and activity of people in the community.

Baan Nong Thale Community Based Tourism
Moo 1, Nong Thale subdistrict, Mueang Krabi district, Krabi province.
For more information please contact Tel. (+66) 94 991 6692 (Khun Kwanta)

Community Leader
Kwanta Phakamas

Phone: 06 1280 1014

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