Ban Nong Thale Community, outstanding about the canal: What activities are there?

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Ban Nong Thale Community, outstanding about the canal: What activities are there?

Hello! We meet again as usual. In this article, we will still be together in Krabi province. The next community we look at is the Baan Nong Thale Community. For more details about the Ban Nong Thale community, you can visit the website at this link: Ban Nong Thale Community

First of all, let me introduce myself a little bit to people who are busy or do not have time to rest. The Ban Nong Thale community is another good option. Due to various activities within the Ban Nong Thale community, we can finish within a half day. The available activities are worth a try and a visit. So as not to waste time, let's see if the Ban Nong Thale community activities are there.

We will start with the famous activities of the Ban Nong Thale community. That is rafting, and it must be rafting in the morning. We will slowly raft along the swamp, during which time we will see the sun slowly rising into the sky and starting to shine. The key is that during this time, we can also see the sea of mist or if anyone has not had breakfast before coming to the community. The community also offers morning foods such as Kopi Sae Long, Khao Yum, Khanom Jeen, and fried chicken sticky rice. including local desserts as well.

Next, if we are not satisfied with rafting, the community will also have another highlight activity to do, which is kayaking. We will be able to kayak along the natural path in Khlong Nam Sai; around the canal, we may see orchids and Dendrobium secundum, as well as a small cormorant, and then sometimes we may meet a group of ducks playing in the water.

If anyone stays until noon, you can have lunch, which is local food. By the way, the community will have food like Ban Yuak Chicken Curry, Banana Salad, Yod Jik Salad, Fresh Vegetables, Fried Salted Fish, and Seasonal Fruits.

Lastly, at the Ban Nong Thale community, there are souvenirs for us to choose from and shop for, such as long trousers with an egret pattern, wooden egret patterns, and a T-shirt with an egret pattern. Keychain made from waste material and batik cloth Three flavors of squid

And this is an activity that exists in the Ban Nong Thale community. Although there are few activities to do, it's worth the visit to try them out. Which community will be the subject of the next article? What activities are there? Let's follow and wait to see each other as usual.

Ban Nong Thale Tourism Community, Moo 1, Nong Thale Subdistrict, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi Province
For more information, please call 09 4991 6692 (Khun Khwanta).

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