Baan Bangtao community based tourism, Choeng Thale sub-district, Phuket

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Baan Bangtao community based tourism, Choeng Thale sub-district, Phuket

Tambon: Choeng Thale Districts: Thalang Province: Phuket
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“Beautiful beach, clear water, sweet pineapple, and delicious Khao Yam!”

Welcome everyone to Baan Bangtao, Choeng Thale sub-district. Bangtao has all the beautiful natural features; mountains, waterfalls, and a beach with fine white sand. This location is quite peaceful and private and is suitable for relaxation. Mostly, people in the village still work in the indigenous professions such as agriculture, rubber plantation, fishery, livestock, raising goats and cattle.

The ethnicities and religions of people in Bangtao are quite diverse. There are Muslims, Buddhists, Christians, and Hindus. Even though they’re from different backgrounds and cultures, they are quite united, honor each other, have no discrimination, and live peacefully together in the Baan Bang Tao community.

The traditional occupations or ways of life of people in Bangtao are mainly relevant to the agricultural sector. In addition, Bang Hod, or Mr. Manos Ngankhaeng’s goat farm, is another renowned occupation in the community. It’s a family business. His goats have received many awards, including the royal award from Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn for several years.

Moreover, there is a long-tail boat club at the beach that organizes integrated tourism with traditional fishing. Generally, there is fresh fish almost every morning at the beach front. The villagers will make the sun-dried fish to preserve the leftovers after selling or consuming them. It's a popular product of Bangtao. The fish from Ban Bangtao fishery tastes different from other places because it’s close to the Andaman sea.

The Bangtao community has 14 groups of occupations registered as community enterprises. Some groups focused on upstream production and farming. The midstream group is the food processors. For instance, when cooking Khao Yam (rice salad), its main ingredients are the local herbs: the fever vine leaves, lime berry, torch ginger, kaffir lime leaves, and lime. The recipe includes torch ginger, which helps to relieve flatulence and contains antioxidants. The ingredients include fish filet, garcinia cambogia, and you can top the soup with sun-dried fish or boiled egg. This is one of the main course menus in CBT at Baan Bangtao.

Furthermore, the dessert’s ingredients are also from the local fruits. For example, Champedak, which is grown in an organic farming system, and Phuket pineapple, which has a sweet, crispy, and delicious taste. Sometimes pineapple is oversupplied in the market, so they will bake the pineapple cake to add value to the raw ingredients. Accordingly, Bangtao’s community souvenirs are quite popular. There are sun-dried fish from the local fishery; the Indian mackerel, yellowtail fusilier, sailfish, and king mackerel, etc. that are sold through both online and offline channels. Some groups make goat milk soaps, tie-dyed dye clothes and other herbal products. Baan Bangtao’s tourism management is focusing on income distribution and rational sharing. It’s one of the government's policies that no one will be left behind.

Finally, the tourist attractions of Baan Bangtao CBT start from the Mukaram mosque. It is the most beautiful and important mosque in Phuket. Then, explore the local agriculture at the rubber tree plantation. After that, head to Nua-Tone waterfall and join the women's group cooking the local food and desserts such as Khao Yam (rice salad), A-pong, champedak cake, pineapple cake, and steamed sticky rice wrapped with coconut leaves, which are the traditional cuisine. Next, let's experience the atmosphere of Bangtao by taking a long-tail boat to Waek Island.

Consequently, Bangtao Choeng Thale sub-district has many interesting travel attractions, including mountains, waterfalls, cultural tourism, and the beautiful sea. This community represented the local lifestyle, the beautiful natural resources and the natural conservation for sustainable development. Finally, “secure, prosperous, and sustainable” created sustainable development and contributed to the economic development of the community.

There are many good things in Bangtao Choeng Thale that are waiting for all of you to explore, visit, and experience. “Stronger together" means we will never leave anyone behind.
For more information, please contact Bang Pik by phone number (+66)6 2228 7896.

Community Leader
Sontaya Kongthip

Phone: 06 2228 7896

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