Baan Bang Rong Community Based Tourism

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Baan Bang Rong Community Based Tourism

Tambon: Pa Khlok Districts: Thalang Province: Phuket
Location Details

Baan Bang Rong was originally a port town named "Bang Long" in the Hokkien language, which refers to the prosperous canal. Baan Bang Rong CBT was established in 2001. Initially, the beginning of the tourism group here was not mainly focused on tourism but aimed to take care of the natural environment. Before starting community tourism, this area faced the problem of the mangrove forests being destroyed due to a government project. They cut down the mangrove trees for the charcoal industry and exported them abroad. Baan Bang Rong used to be the most abundant mangrove forest area in ​​Phuket. There were very large mangrove trees, but all three to four thousand rai of the mangrove forest were demolished. There was almost no mangrove forest left.

Mangrove forests are the source of food, breeding and spawning grounds, and a safe area to take refuge. When there’s an issue, the community leaders will use the mosque as the center of all activities, such as meeting and discussing the problems that have happened in the community. At that time, they talked about the missing sea animal problem and ways to solve it. because the mangrove forests were destroyed. They started by replanting and restoring by finding the mangrove pods and different kinds of plants, then throwing the pods into the mangrove forest and letting it grow naturally without fertilizing. After 4-5 years, the beautiful mangrove trees' scenery began to return to this area. Fortunately, the fish also came back to spawn in this area. because mangrove forests are the source of freshwater as well. If it's pure saltwater, the eggs will die. Even the serrated mud crab or the black crab come back to spawn here. The mangrove forests have been restored and have become more beautiful. After that, the community opened the restaurants at Baan Bang Rong pier to accommodate the tourists who were going to Koh Yao Noi and Koh Yao Yai.

The activities that you shouldn't miss are watching the crab-eating Macaque, snorkeling at Koh Phae, visiting the goat farm, pineapple garden, Bang Pae waterfall, and the gibbon rehabilitation project inside the waterfall area, which now needs pre-booking, and finally, tasting the fresh seafood at Bang Rong community seafood restaurant.

The first activity of the community is canoeing. The canoes are from villagers; they normally use them to go fishing in the canal. Canoe through a beautiful ecosystem of mangroves and visit the floating fish cages. This’s the beginning of Baan Bang Rong tourism.

After that, the community leaders would like to make it a full-scale tourist attraction. Therefore, they searched for the existing strengths in their area. It turned out that ​​Baan Bang Rong has many interesting things and great potential in terms of tourism activities, such as mountains, watershed forests, the last spot of rainforests and the best Bang Pae waterfall in Phuket. Besides, there is the gibbon rehabilitation project, which is the only area that's been successful in Thailand.

There is also the batik bag or clothes painting activity. You can choose to paint the pineapple pattern or anything in your imagination. In addition, Bang Rong is trying to reduce plastic, so they give the Batik cloth bag as a souvenir to tourists to keep their belongings during the trip. The implications of those activities are to protect the environment, present and conserve the signature of the community.

The reason that the community uses pineapple as the tourism theme is because the highlight activity is all about pineapple. They have pineapples all year round, and each garden is quite diverse. The tourists will join in planting, harvesting, and learning all about pineapples, such as the color and features of the pineapple that is ready to harvest. Then, they taste the products made from pineapple, such as pineapple juice, preserved pineapple, and pineapple pie. Those are the souvenirs that tourists can order back home.

For more information, please contact the leader of Bangrong community-based tourism, Mr. Prasert Ritraksa (Bang Mad), Tel. (+66) 9 4714 8707
Facebook page: ท่องเที่ยวชุมชนบางโรง Bangrong CBT

Community Leader
Prasert Ritraksa (Bang Mad)

Phone: 09 4714 8707

Community Guidelines

- Tourists must wear masks.
- Employees must wear masks.
- There is a temperature check point.
- There is a check-in Thai win.

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