Baan Nam Chuet Community Based Tourism

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Baan Nam Chuet Community Based Tourism

Tambon: Ko Yao Noi Districts: Ko Yao Province: Phang Nga
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"Baan Nam Chuet community based-tourism, Yao Noi island, Phang Nga province, the new style of community tourism. The villagers take care of their own tourist areas. In addition, the tourist attractions have beautifully developed and have their own trained local tour guides. And generated income to people in their area until today the community has become strong".

Baan Nam Chuet community won the first prize from the Pink Pracharath community award in 2017 on the implementation of the wellness agritourism project, they turned the waste into fertilizer and solved the trash problem on Koh Yao Noi. In addition, the model community like Baan Tha Khao has joined and supported the tourism in Khao Yao Noi, they have set the sustainable development plans to transform Khao Yao Noi’s tourism into a wellness agritourism by producing fertilizer from waste, encouraging community to grow organic rice, suggesting the local farmers to use the fertilizer from waste and moreover, cooperating with other tourism organizations to develop other aspects of the community such as the environment, economy and society to achieve the most tangible change in accordance with the development framework. They have also set the direction for sustainable growth in the future.

The sea… one of the highlights of Koh Yao. Taking a long-tailed boat to explore beautiful islands i.e. Kudu island, the big tree on Hong island, the bats on Lau Roi island, what you shouldn’t miss is mooring the boat and wading through the water to see the Lyle's flying foxes that hang all over the tree. Besides, when the tide is low, I recommend that you shouldn’t miss to see the "dragon's spine", the natural phenomenon which is 2 kilometers long. I would like to invite you to experience the local fishing, walking on the beach and taking pictures with the beautiful sunset.

In addition, the highlights of on land-based tourism are the over 700 Rai (a unit of area equal to 1,600 square meters/Rai) of rice fields and over 200 buffaloes. It’s the saltwater paddy fields that make the rice taste delicious. Accordingly, the rice fields and buffaloes are the highlight that enhance the attention from the tourists to visit continuously. The villagers have a common goal to improve their community and become an organic agricultural island and nature tourism. Accordingly, the trash in the community will be generated and transformed into organic fertilizer used in the rice planting area. They tried to encourage all areas to be 100% organic farming that produces quality organic rice. There is also a tour to see the organic fertilizer production.

Another highlight of the community is "Namm Na-Tawn", the coffee shop that offers both food & beverage and accommodation in a small cottage style located in the middle of a large paddy field of Baan Nam Chuet community, Moo. 3, Koh Yao Noi subdistrict, Koh Yao district, Phang Nga province. Namm Na Tawn is currently gaining quite good attention from both Thai and foreign tourists who are fond of nature. Therefore, every Friday to Sunday or other holidays all the cottages are always fully booked. Most of the tourists are locals from Phuket and foreign-backpackers. In addition, the attractiveness of Namm Na-Tawn restaurant is that they use the fresh seafood from Koh Yao’s, organic rice and vegetables as the ingredients, it’s the authentic taste from Baan Nam Chuet, Koh Yao.

The background of "Namm Natawn" is from the new generation owners who wanted to build a restaurant and small accommodation for those who are looking for a place for relaxation, and they also want to conserve and inherit the rice farming from their ancestors."Namm Na Tawn" has only 6 small cottages surrounded by glittering golden-yellow rice fields. And this is the origin of "Namm Natawn", another highlight of Baan Nam Chuet that you should visit once in your life.

Aside from Namm Natawn, the large paddy fields are also the landmark of Phang Nga province. Because this area is the last large rice field of Phang Nga, the migratory and resident birds frequently come for food. The total area of the rice fields is almost 1,000 Rai (a unit of land area in Thailand). Tourists come to visit this place all year round until this paddy field becomes a popular place of Koh Yao Noi. This is another interesting tourist attraction in the Andaman zone. The highlight sunset viewpoints of Koh Yao are Manoh pier, Unpao pier and Laem Sai pier which fronting to Laem Haad at Koh Yao Yai. When the sky is clear, you will be able to see the beautiful sunset by the sea.

There’re many activities on the island, for instance traveling around Koh Yao Noi by car, experiencing the way of life on the island; rice farming, making fishing tools, OTOP products, tie-dyeing, batik fabrics from natural colors, making products from coconut shells, picking coconut from the tree, taking the long-tailed boat to explore lives around the island with their hosts, i.e. net casting and hauling back in, raising lobsters in tank. You will also see how to catch the lobster. Other activities are swimming, snorkeling, exploring the ecosystem, and visiting the evening local market on Koh Yao Noi, trying local food and desserts that were made of the local production. You will be able to learn and experience the way of life of people in Koh Yao Noi, a united and lovely community in the midst of the forest island of Phang Nga Bay. I would like to invite you to visit Koh Yao because its slogan is "Stay at Koh Yao one night, you will live longer one year"

For more information please contact, Tel: (+66)9 0217 1729.

Community Leader
Banyat Srisuntorn

Phone: 08 9874 8980

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