Sam Chong Nuea Community Based Tourism

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Sam Chong Nuea Community Based Tourism

Tambon: Kalai Districts: Takua Thung Province: Phang Nga
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Peaceful and simple, the way of happiness of the community along Phang Nga Bay

The slogan of Baan Sam Chong
“Originated from three canals, two canal sided-villages, rich in resources, the tourist attraction of Phang Nga Bay and the inheritance of valuable culture”

Sam Chong Nuea village is located at Kalai sub-district, Takua Thung district, Phang Nga province. It is an OTOP INNO-life tourism-based community. People in the community are Muslims, they live simply and peacefully. Most of the population in this area are rubber farmers. If you visit this here, you will scent the warm welcome from people in the community. In addition, there are many ecotourism activities such as planting trees, rubber tapping, kayaking through the mangrove forest, visiting an oyster farm, taking a cruise to see the beauty of Phang Nga bay, exploring the Diamond cave and making the tie-dyed fabrics from mangrove plants, etc. Besides, there is the homestay accommodation and the tour-program for you to discover the local way of life. This journey will be fun, different and genuinely enrich your holiday.

Baan Sam Chong Nuea has been located along the coast of Phang Nga bay for more than a century. It is the Muslim community that main occupations are the coastal fishery and agriculture. The village located on both sides of the canal, it divided into the island-side and land-side. The island-side is an original residential area for more than 200 years and it is about 4,000 Rai. The land-side is the roadside. It takes around 43 kilometers or 40 minutes from Phuket airport to Hua Thanon Baan Sam Chong Nuea pier. The villages on the island side can be seen from far away because the houses and buildings are colorful. The “candy colored village” concept will enhance the attention of tourists to take the long-tail boat to visit this community.

Baan Sam Chong Nuea is a tourism community under the management of the community-based tourism enterprise. There are two main activities which are 1) the traditional tourism activity to explore the local way of life. And the 2) the sea natural attractions such as the Diamond cave, the miracle couple trees called “PiPi” which stand in the middle of the sea that you cannot miss. In the past, when the sea level was high, the trees would sink down until you couldn’t see them. The trees would appear at low tide. It’s been 70-80 years; now those trees have emerged out of the water.

In addition, the lover trees now emerged out of the water. It is regarded as the natural wonder that reflects something meaningful to those who visit. It has become one of the tourist attraction activities of Baan Sam Chong community.

Travelers who want to explore and experience the local habitats, tradition & culture, the local lifestyle and wisdom, we are glad to welcome and happy to take you to discover the ecotourism; taking the canoe to explore the ecosystem; the meder’s mangrove crab and passing through the yaring mangrove tunnel, those are the highlight of our tourism activities. In addition, we have the crab conservation area and the cockle nursery bank. These are the local ways of life that we would like you to try and experience once in your life. The experiential travel is not difficult to begin, you can make it at Baan Sam Chong community.

Furthermore, the tie-dye fabric from natural color that discovered by the local wisdom, using the integration of the trees in the mangrove forest; xylocarpus granatum (Taboon), avicennia officinalis (Samae) and ceriops tagal (Pongdang) to make the natural dye colors. These colors are the identity of Baan Sam Chong community. Another activity is making the tie-dye fabric, you are free to design the pattern whether from your imagination or from the community's pattern.
This is the activity that you shouldn’t miss.

The highlight activity of Sam Chong is making the souvenirs from the acanthus ebracteatus herb such as soap, shampoo, tea and balm. We could say it’s the wisdom of the community, this herb helps to relieve and soothe the abscess, poor lymphatic disorder and the itching rash symptoms. They had developed and improved the products and packages. Finally, the community received the first prize in the regional level, from 14 southern provinces. It is the community’s pride that they would like the tourists to come, learn, experience, taste and buy the local products in the community.

And finally we would like to introduce the local food, the taste of fresh seafood; coconut milk curry with hard clams which is one of the healthy dishes on the menu. This dish was created by people in the community, it won an award, one of the ten national prizes. Another menu item is the blanched Telescopium telescopium (Lak Kwai clams in the local dialect) dip with roasted coconut chili paste. These are the highlights of the local food in this community.

Besides, we have homestays which offer comfortable facilities, good atmosphere and close to the sea. “Stay one night, live longer for one year”. Admiring the sunrise and sunset from Sam Chong area.

Baan Sam Chong community, there are many travel programs and activities that you can experience all dimensions of travelling; creative tourism, experiential tourism, ecotourism, and natural tourism. Enjoy the sunrise atmosphere in the morning and admire the sunset from the peaceful area. People here are delighted to welcome everyone to Baan Sam Chong community-based tourism. The way of happiness, peaceful and simple community along Phang Nga Bay.

For more information, please contact, Tel: (+66)8 6741 7949.

Community Leader
Surat Sumadee

Phone: 08 6741 7949

Community Guidelines


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