Ao Luek Noi Subdistrict Tourism Community

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Ao Luek Noi Subdistrict Tourism Community

"Ao Luek Noi Sub-district Tourism Community," Krabi Province. Experience, learn, and collect new travel experiences through traditional ways, art, culture, and wisdom.
Whether it's the Muslim community's way or the Ao Luek Noi Canal's way, consider the beauty and charm of nature while watching local fishing activities. There are also highlights that cannot be missed. A boat ride through the mangrove forest is available as an activity. Discover the local fishing method, view the colorful paintings, and learn about the history of seafaring. or kayaking to experience nature at the mouth of Khlong Ao Luek Noi Batik, dyeing activities with natural colors Zip-line activities in the middle of the swamp end with fresh seafood from local fishermen.

For a solid travel program and delicious food like this, contact the Ao Luek Noi Subdistrict Tourism Community.
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Khun Plai's phone number is 093-1535329.


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