Ban Mai Khao Community: Lyon Han vegetables

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Ban Mai Khao Community: Lyon Han vegetables

Visit the Ban Mai Khao Community Another thing that I like and must emphasize that you can't miss is "Giant Ginger" or "Gai Lak Gai," which is a seagrass vegetable. It's shaped like a five-pointed starfish, and green is a local vegetable that grows along the beach and can be used to cook a variety of dishes. The flavor is oily and a little astringent, whether eaten fresh with chili paste or with fish curry. It's also delicious to order Khanom Jeen Namya, but the most popular menu items are stir-fried with oyster sauce or coconut milk soup with fresh shrimp. It will have a sweet, fragrant taste. It's very delicious. In this regard, you can go to see the Lyon Han vegetable planting of the Ban Mai Khao Lan Han community enterprise. They collaborated to cultivate and preserve this indigenous vegetable as a local identity product of the Mai Khao Subdistrict. For those who want to taste the menu, try the Lyon Han vegetables. We would like to invite you to follow the Country Boy children and try it at the restaurant of the villagers of the Ban Mai Khao community, a small restaurant called "Baan Ama," with authentic local taste.



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