Oh Tao, local food of Phuket

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Oh Tao, local food of Phuket

Oh Tao, a Phuket specialty, is a dish popular among the Hokkien Chinese. O (蚝) in Hokkien Chinese means shellfish. Oh Tao is similar to fried clams from the central region, but the dough is softer. The taste is more intense. The main ingredient is small oysters, or what Phuket locals call "Hoi Tib," mixed with steamed taro and chicken eggs, seasoned with soy sauce, pepper, and sugar, topped with pork rinds and shallots, and served with bean sprouts and chili sauce. It is more delicious when it is wrapped in banana leaves because it makes Oh Tao smell good and delicious. Phuket people like to eat Oh Tao as a snack. It is most popular to eat it in the afternoon or at night as a late-night snack. Who came to Phuket and didn't eat this menu? You completely missed it. It can be found in general. In Phuket, there are many famous and delicious Oh Tao restaurants. Whether it's an Oh Tao shop, the Oh Tao Ji Bian shop, or the Jui Tui Intersection shop, Come and poke and ask with the Phuket people.


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