Mangrove Forest Ban Sam Chong Nuea

  • 30 Oct
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Mangrove Forest Ban Sam Chong Nuea

Today, admin would like to take you to see one of the sustainable tourisms which support capacity of nature, communities, traditions and ways of life related to tourism in order to protect, preserve and develop for future generations.
At the "Mangrove Forest Ban Sam Chong Nuea, the traditional Hua Tong boats are utilized for touring Yao Noi and Yao Yai Islands." to see the local lifestyle, which includes mangrove forests, fish houses, cockle banks, blue crab banks, and local plants. Community products include tie-dye textiles with mangrove forest tree colors and sea holly herbs from local expertisegenerate sustainable revenue. If interested in visiting, contact the Ban Sam Chong Nuea Community Tourism Enterprise Group at (93) 760-6790.


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