Bunga Puda, local dessert from Satun Province

  • 29 Oct
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Bunga Puda, local dessert from Satun Province

Bunga Puda, a local dessert from Satun Province, is an ancient snack in a square shape like a pillow, very colorful and beautiful. It is a local dessert that has been passed down for over a hundred years. It is influenced by Malaysia and is commonly used for the Khan Mak procession in wedding ceremonies. It's like having a pillow together and living happily together. Bunga Puda is made with crispy coconut and glutinous rice flour mixed with sugar, salt, water, and coconut milk. In the past, as a dessert that was difficult to make, it was done only during important festivals. But now we can see it everywhere. because it has become a souvenir of Satun Province, and let me tell you that although this dessert is from Malaysia, it's now only available in Satun Province, our home. Therefore, whoever goes to Satun shouldn't miss it. Try it and buy it as a souvenir.


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