Shrimp paste, Koh Lanta

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Shrimp paste, Koh Lanta

Go to Koh Lanta. You must not miss the delicious food that is famous there, which is "shrimp paste, Koh Lanta." There, most of the villagers are fishermen who go out to sea to find shrimp. The group of housewives gathered together to make shrimp paste to earn more income. In the past, they were made by themselves and usually dried in the middle of the rice fields. It is marinated and then pounded with a wooden mortar used to pound the rice until the shrimp paste texture is fine. The recipe has been tested continuously until now. It is a delicious recipe that is mellow and not salty, concentrated, packed with shrimp meat, and has become a 4-star OTOP product, creating a reputation. Housewives and those involved take great pride in it. We still affectionately refer to that shrimp paste as "Otop Koh Lanta." For those who are interested in trying shrimp paste to cook delicious southern food, you must not miss buying it on a stick.


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