Ko Phra Thong, Savannah Grassland, Thailand

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Ko Phra Thong, Savannah Grassland, Thailand

Ko Phra Thong, Savannah Grassland, Thailand, in the middle of the Andaman
Koh Phra Thong, the largest island in the Andaman Sea, is in Phang Nga Province, near Panyee Island. Therefore, anyone who has already come to visit Phang Nga must not miss the opportunity to experience the scenery of golden fields amidst beautiful beaches that is equally unseen with many exotic trees, including many rare plants, and the island is also home to various animals such as horse deer, hornbills, and hermit crabs.
Anyone who is bored of traveling in the city and wants to escape to see the beautiful nature and peaceful atmosphere must not miss this place.
Photo credit: Magazine “Anurak”


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