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Ecotourism - Bang Rong
  • 28 Feb
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Ecotourism involves being mindful of conserving the environment while travelling. Prepared to appreciate the significance of natural heritage and local culture alongside the local community Emphasizing the importance of preserving natural resources and the environment. Tourism, which emphasizes environmental preservation, helps communities and local areas sustainably. A fantastic organic one-day trip and eco-friendly travel in Bang Rong will be included in this trip.

Koh Phayom in Ranong
  • 28 Feb
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It is Valentine's Day. I can't help but think about the most romantic location. Koh Phayom in Ranong resembles the Maldives in Thailand. There are a variety of beachfront bungalows and private villas available, each offering a delightful ambiance. It's ideal for recharging your batteries and escaping the chaos to relax. Alternatively, you can select the type of experience you want, such as scuba diving, fishing, or kayaking.

The Khlong Marui Hot Mud Spa in Ban Khok Krai, Phang Nga Province
  • 30 Jan
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It's a new year, and who this year plans to prioritize self-care and also has the opportunity to travel? Follow us.
The Khlong Marui Hot Mud Spa in Ban Khok Krai, Phang Nga Province, provides a unique and pleasurable experience. "Hat Sai Ron," also known as "Hat Nam Ron," is a unique beach in Khlong Marui that is only accessible when the sea level drops. Beaches and hot saltwater are the product of the earth's crustal fractures. The locals utilize hot sand and hot mud to treat beriberi, aches, and pains. Ban Khok Krai Khao Community Tourism Group Community Enterprise serves tourists only 10 days a month. Whoever wants to know what a natural hot mud spa is like, please call 087-886-0465.

Peranakan Laemsak 2024
  • 15 Jan
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Come to Krabi for the “Peranakan Laemsak 2024” event on February 16-18, 2024 at the cultural intersection in Laem Sak Subdistrict, Ao Luek District, Krabi Province.
Eat and travel. Spend three days exploring from 16.00 to 22.00 hrs.
- Experience the charm of Laem Sak's tourist attractions.
- Taste a variety of delicious local food.
- Shop for souvenirs from the community
- Watch additional art performance activities from 3 cultures this year with A face-changing opera show, very spectacular.
Alternatively, anyone who like running can participate in Run for the Community on February 18, 2024. To sign up for a run or to get for more information, go to the "Run for Local" Facebook page. The deadline for registration is January 20, 2024.

Three tourist communities on the Andaman
  • 02 Jan
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Where should we go on this long vacation? Today, we'd like to introduce three tourist communities on the Andaman, which are model communities that stand out with their identities, way of life, and local identities that attract tourists based on the community context to create a "experience" in tourists' memories. Where are these compelling "stories"? Let's see?
Ban Bang Rong, Phuket, is an agricultural community. Grow rubber, pineapples, and coconuts; organise tourist activities like pineapple soap-making to learn community ways. Baking local treats, tapping rubber
Ban Sam Chong Nuea Community, Phang Nga Province, fishing village Surrounded by sea water, along with fun activities including making tie-dye fabric, making a boat keychain and tasting fresh seafood
Ban Laem Sak Community, Krabi Province, has a cultural identity of people of three nationalities living together, including Thai Buddhists, Muslims, and Thai-Chinese people. Featuring sea travel routes, Fisherman's Way of Life, and Painting in Batik

Koh Kam in Ranong Province
  • 02 Jan
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It's the end of the year, and there's a long holiday. It is good to find a place to travel. I highly recommend Koh Kam in Ranong Province. The sea is stunning, with white sand beaches and clean air. This location is in Lam Son National Park. It is the centre of several islands, located in shallow water no deeper than 7 metres deep, where we can swim, snorkel, and admire coral in both shallow and deep water.

Enjoy the cool air at Samet Nangshe
  • 02 Jan
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It's winter, but you don't have to only visit the north anymore.
It's right here. Everyone should come and enjoy the cool air. Some people say that the view from the Khlong Khian Subdistrict in Takua Thung District, Phang Nga Province's Samet Nangshe Tha Hin Rom Village is the most beautiful in all of Phang Nga. I saw an amazing view of the Andaman Sea and the limestone mountains that were covered in lush grass. They alternate and overlap elegantly as they stand tall from the water. The more I saw the sunrise, the more I wanted to see it. Until then, you will undoubtedly need to return

Low Carbon Tourism at Koh Lanta, Krabi Province
  • 29 Nov
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Reduce your carbon footprint when travelling to save the world. You should visit Koh Lanta. Southern Thailand's Krabi Province. Go Green tourism emphasises energy conservation and natural exploration.
A boat excursion is one of the recommended activities for observing nature at Thung Yipeng. The long tail boat offers a local menu that includes dishes like 'Sticky rice with sun-dried fish'. The fish are dried utilizing the sun's natural energy source. The tourist trip aims to distribute income among the members of the community. This model serves as an example of sustainable community tourism.