Nao sugar, Phang Nga province

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Nao sugar, Phang Nga province

"Nao sugar" is a rare item in Phang Nga province. This is because the sugar from the Nao or Chok tree takes approximately 25 years to fully develop before providing fruit that can be harvested in October and will only bear fruit once. Nectar can be collected from the inflorescences after the 26th year of fruiting. The nectar can be collected every year from November to April, until the tree dies in four to five years.
"Nao Sugar" is an extension product of the wisdom of the ancestors of Ban Khlong Bo Saen community, Phang Nga province, by collecting sugar from trees and simmering it until thickened. Then drop into circle:
Sugar, Thin Nao Brand (275 grams) 65 baht
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