Sun-dried fish, Ko Yao District, Phang Nga Province

  • 29 Apr
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Sun-dried fish, Ko Yao District, Phang Nga Province

In this post, we are still in Phang Nga Province because I want to find good souvenir. We need to get some seafood, and I found this, which is sun-dried fish.

Sun-dried fish is made from local fish from the Ko Yao District, Pla Ta Lhang or Pla See Siat. The villagers go out to sea to capture fish, which are then cleaned by removing the entrails, washing and marinating with table salt for one night, and then thoroughly rinsing the salt. After that, leave it out in the sun for two days before covering it in paper. Promote to consumers.

As for sun exposure, mosquito nets should be used to prevent the depositing of fly eggs, and the fish should be turned frequently. When it is complete, wrapped it in paper and ship it to the customer. Let me tell you that the fish is firm, less salty, very delicious ... I'm sure it's a must-buy souvenir for sure. Anyone who wants to try, can call Cha Eid, Tel 062-6379814.


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