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Ta Lung fish from Koh Yao
  • 28 Feb
  • A I

During this time, the Andaman Sea is stunning. And if you have the opportunity to visit Koh Yao, Phang Nga Province, don't miss out on their famous souvenirs. That is the salty dried fish known as "Ta Lung fish" from Koh Yao. The salty fish has less salt. But it's incredibly delicious.
Ja-Eed, a villager on Koh Yao, stated that they use no chemicals when making their fish. They ferment the fish with only salt and then dry it in the sun under a mosquito net. It's guaranteed to be clean and safe. If anyone is interested in buying it, please contact Ja-Eed. Koh Yao can be reached at 062-6379814. There is a package delivery service available throughout Thailand.

Lard Ching Pla at Nai Yang Beach
  • 15 Jan
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Get up early and get to Nai Yang Beach's "Lard Ching Pla" to compete for the day's fresh fish.
Another attraction in the area is the Ching Pla Market, also known as Grab Fish Market, near Nai Yang Beach. Here, the locals must get up early in order to wait for the fishing boats to arrive one by one, at which point they pour their catch upon the panels. In a matter of just eyeblinks, every fish gone.

Souvenirs from Phuket
  • 02 Jan
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Visit Phuket for the New Year. Is there anything you must purchase as a souvenir? Come, let's have a look.
1. Shrimp paste, local food of Phuket province, spicy, good fragrant from crispy shrimp.
2. Khanom Tao So, similar to Khanom Pia But the dough is softer.
3. Khanom Bee Phang, crispy fried puffed rice snack topped with simmered sugar, the sweet and salty taste is mellowed with fried onions.
4. Khanom Na Taek, a traditional dessert similar to cookies, with a sweet and salty taste.
5. Pepper snacks or pepper cookies, it has a slightly spicy, peppery taste.
6. Khanom Pang Pia or Phang Pia, local desserts of Phuket of the Hokkien Chinese people. The word "pang" actually means "round" according to the shape of the dessert.
7. Crispy Ching Chang fish, whether fried, make as spicy salad or as an appetizer. it is delicious and useful.
8. Dried fish kidneys mixed with hot steamed rice, fragrant and delicious, with a hot and spicy taste. Suitable for eating with fresh vegetables.
9. Cashew nuts, fragrant, crisp, and delicious. There are many flavors to choose from.
10. Khanom Kong Thung, crushed peanuts and sugar. It has a sweet flavour and is crispy.
Every souvenir is a famous item from Phuket Province! You're definitely going to like the recipient, no doubt about it!

Mini crispy roti snacks
  • 02 Jan
  • A I

Looking for New Year's gifts? Today I have something to recommend a delightful snack called "mini crispy roti snacks."
Products from “Huzbi Roti Mini Crispy Ban Mai Community” Village No. 2, Jae Bilang Subdistrict, Mueang District, Satun Province, a group of women housewives come together to do “Mini crispy roti snacks,". These snacks come in both sweet and salty flavours. It can be used to create New Year baskets. They sell 3 boxes for 100 baht, 35 baht per box, or buy by the kilogrammeme, 180 baht per kg. Contact to place an order at 08-9734-7450.

Ranong shrimp paste
  • 30 Dec
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This post is about goods that people in Ranong Province get from the sea.
There are mangrove forests along the coast here. As a result, it is a suitable habitat for prawns. This is what is used to make prawn paste. People love the smell and taste of Ranong prawn paste. It also has dried prawns. It's just prawn meat; it's not salty, and there are no added colours or chemicals. You can eat them as snacks or use them to make a lot of different meals.

Mangosteen Thip Phang Nga, a new GI product from Phang Nga
  • 29 Nov
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'Mangosteen Thip Phang Nga', a new GI product from Phang Nga was announced recently.
"Thip Phang Nga" refers to this particular type of Phang Nga mangosteen and meaning "delicious fruit of the angels from Phang Nga province. It has a distinctive feature: It is a local variety of mangosteen. The fruit has a spherical shape with a relatively thick peel. The flesh of the fruit is white, thick, and soft in texture. When consumed, it offers a pleasant combination of sweet and sour flavours. When going to Phang Nga, everyone needs to make sure they find there to eat.

Ranong Coffee
  • 29 Nov
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Ranong Coffee

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Ranong coffee... must try it when you go there. In that area, the villagers cultivate Robusta coffee. In addition to fresh coffee beans, There are various types of roasted coffee beans available, including:
• Gas-roasted coffee beans
• Charcoal-roasted coffee beans
• Gas roasted coffee beans packed in bags
• Charcoal-roasted coffee beans packed in bags
• Filter coffee beans roasted with charcoal packed in paper bags.
After sipping coffee, don't forget to buy some as souvenirs.

YOUNG HERB, a herb inhalant
  • 30 Oct
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Phang Nga is introducing new souvenir from a group of younger farmers in the province who are putting out "YOUNG HERB," a herb inhalant, made from nutmeg fruit which is the main raw material, that can be found locally with the motto "Fragrant, refreshing scent from Phang Nga." Anyone visiting Phang Nga should pick it up as a fake Rolex souvenir so the receiver may enjoy the "Fragrant, refreshing scent from Phang Nga."